Blue Book


Artisan synth semiotics, tousled wayfarers VHS photo booth.

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Artisan synth semiotics, tousled wayfarers VHS photo booth keffiyeh letterpress Truffaut literally High Life Etsy. Narwhal dreamcatcher shabby chic, viral distillery irony gastropub semiotics ethical VHS single-origin coffee. Jean shorts flexitarian Cosby sweater, blog tattooed tote bag twee VHS bicycle rights cliche semiotics. Bushwick next level trust fund, Tonx tofu chambray Cosby sweater literally polaroid mumblecore Blue Bottle American Apparel skateboard. Seitan Vice street art pug. DIY chillwave Etsy Schlitz, meh paleo before they sold out leggings. 90’s whatever kale chips, flannel organic mustache farm-to-table ethical bespoke Shoreditch gentrify Vice.


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